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JWICO warrants and guarantees that our cabinets and wardrobes will be free from faults or defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and maintenance for a period of (5) years starting the date of installation.

The warranty only applies:

  1. To cabinets manufactured by JWICO. It does not apply to, for example, worktops, accessories or appliances.
  2. To the person who purchased the cabinets. It is not transferrable to any other person;
  3. To individuals who purchased the cabinets as a consumer for private use, not to businesses or companies.
  4. To cabinets used entirely within a domestic environment for personal use, not to cabinets put into and used within business premises, place of work, rental properties, student properties or similar;
  5. To cabinets used within the environment intended by their design, for example kitchen cabinets used within a kitchen and not kitchen cabinets used in, for example, a garage;
  6. To cabinets used and installed in accordance with guidelines provided by JWICO.